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Good Parent v. Poor Parent - who should win?
Blog owned by John Murtari

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2009-01-06 07:45:19 by John Murtari

Again, we have a simple list of basic Family Rights that most folks
would agree with.  But what that really says is:   Good, average, and poor
parents are all FIT & EQUAL parents.  The only people we wish to NOT protect
are the BAD parent -- someone who is intentionally trying to harm their child, to
cause the end of the relationship....

When we look at the [fat/tv/don't care] parent vs the [trim/involved/engaged] parent scenario -- let's try to remember these facts are true only for
a moment in time.    People do change and one the most powerful forces
for change in a parent's life is their interaction with their children.  I think
every parent has experienced that at some point.

What about the kids?  Well, they get to see the impact they can have on
a parent.  And how 'adults' can sometimes succeed or be overwhelmed by
what life throws at them.  But we still try to love and to care as we are able....

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2010-04-13 13:33:29 by Deborah L. Davies

My sister was married to a narcissistic personality type. My thoughts through out this questionnaire were constantly  into what my nieces went through in the early part of the divorce. Four girls and the effects on them were horrid. They were used as pawns and if it were not for the courts and Guardian ad Litum backing my sister that they did not have to visit if they chose, all would have experienced Parental Alienation Syndrome. While no one wants to cut the ties between them it has to be when they are strong enough to tolerate the fathers constant belittling and condemnation of the other parent as well as the strong willed child that does not easily submit to his way of thinking. If they are having an exceptionally hard week and say not this week they do not go. I can't accept that children do not have a say in their own lives when two parents are at odds like that. Most parents would accommodate the child's interests with school or other activities but never the narcissistic personality. I do not believe girls should be brought up to think they are inferior to men without strong back up disagreeing. Had the court not agreed we would have four very disturbed females. Narcissism makes the hard rule of equal nul and void as does any abusive parent. I do not mean miner, normal abuses either.
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