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Child has strong preference for one parent.
Blog owned by John Murtari

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2009-01-06 08:19:18 by John Murtari

The exercise of rights also means the exercise of responsibility.  That is
why we are hesitant to speak about children's rights (other than having
BOTH parents involved in their lives).   Children don't pick their parents,
mom and dad made that decision.

The very idea that a government sponsored official should approach a
child and ask, "Mary, who do you love more?  Who do you want to be
with more?  Mom or Dad?" -- should make us all uncomfortable.
  To even
let a child think they can exercise that type of control (especially  a

Like many issues of family, it all depends on WHEN this might be asked. I can
see myself answering it in different ways as I grew older...   It is also one
of the most deadly and poisoning things in a separation -- it is all too easy
and natural for one parent to encourage the child to share bad feelings about
the other parent....

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2009-01-10 14:18:31 by Mary Doe

what does each parent have to say about this?  

if each agree, why not?  and in most cases, time isn't exactly 50/50.  
parents who live close by can and often do use daycare/school
drop-off/pick-up times for 'transfers'
2010-01-04 21:57:28 by Candice Chamberlain

I do not believe that a child should have the choice to opt out of a parent child relationship, unless there is abuse. When a family is not broken, the child has access to both parents and I believe that this access should continue when a home is broken. All children should have an equal relationship and amount of time with each parent, regardless as to which parent they "prefer".

Children may not always like their parents - especially if one is stricter or consider to be more fun than the other. Children are just that, children. They lack the decision making skills that they need to make major decisions such as this. I acknowledge the fact that children have feelings. However, the root of their feelings in regards to the preferences must be closely examined.

I also do not understand why a parent would agree to a child's preference. Of course, I do not understand a lot of the things that occur in regards to visitation and custody.
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