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Thoughts on full Membership scenarios are welcome!
Blog owned by John Murtari

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2009-01-08 08:31:17 by John Murtari

Let me say that again, Your thoughts on Membership scenarios are welcome!

This is probably one of the more important BLOGs at the site.  The scenarios
on our member page try to put real world examples against general beliefs about 'rights'.  They are meant to be controversial and to use borderline cases that will hopefully make us all think.

I encourage you to make your opinions know below.

PLEASE, this is not a TEST.  The Members of NationalPLC are not saying we are RIGHT and you are wrong!  Good, intelligent, and loving parents can disagree on the response to the questions presented.  But, for Members of the NationalPLC group, our common shared answers define who we are and what we stand
for -- both to ourselves and to others.

There are 3 comments to this posting:
2009-02-02 19:29:48 by Clarence Maloney

In your quiz, the only one I didn't get "right" was about extra-curricular activities. I think it depends on the length of time. If it is practice for a drama which lasts say a few weeks, then the child can make the decision. If it is a program that takes evenings for a year or longer, then the answer would be no.
    On the whole, this exercise is a good way to screen possible members.
    Suggestion: the first page after logging into "natiionalplc" should state what PLC is short for. I forgot, and almost deleted it.
    I appreciate John Murarti's efforts in this cause.
    I am now in India so cannot participate locally, but will be back in USA end of May.
    Clarence Maloney
2012-03-22 09:58:28 by Sally Broessel

On your scenarios quiz.  I do feel it is a Test with right and wrong answers, since you determine your membership by it.  I too had only one answer that apparently did not go along with what the "members" feel.  I do not feel I disagree with you.  I could have seen reasons for going either way. The quiz would not allow me to skip the question.   The question I got "wrong" was the one about a 16 year old that had had equal custody time with each parent, but then decided they decided they wanted to spend more time with the "good" parent.  First I assumed you were stating the actual true situation, regarding one being a better parent.  Next, since the child was getting older, and had spent equal time with each parent, that they had good reason for making that decision and this should be considered.  Generally I do not feel a "child" - under 18 - should be able to make that kind of decision.  And I agree that a parent does not have to be perfect to have equal time with their child.  
You said that "for now" I am not a full member, is there a way to change this determination, and what is that?  Actually, I am not a parent, I am a grandparent and the "parent" (my child) is deceased, so perhaps I do not fit into this parents group anyway.   I do admire John Murtari's efforts for families.
Sally Broessel
2012-03-29 05:52:58 by John Murtari

Thanks for the comments and I appreciate the thoughtful answers.  It's sometimes hard to turn ideals into concrete action and not always pleasant.   Other people have just written in via email and there are disagreements on different questions -- and what 'exceptions' there might be.

That desire for flexibility has given us much of the Family Law system we see today and the power a single Judge (with their own bias about family life) can have over your family life. The decisions made are just luck of the draw on who you get as a Judge....

The fundamental idea is keep government out of Family life and recognize equality, unless their is a parent intentionally trying to cause serious harm to their children.  Then we must intervene.
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