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Election for family court judge - Saratoga County
Blog owned by Jack Frost

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2010-03-13 12:56:44 by Jack Frost

It might be a little early to talk about this but the judge in the "Julia BB tragedy"(see earlier post) is up for re-election this year.

Senator Roy McDonald is proposing an "Autism Bill of Rights". I feel these two are inconsistent. You have a leader proposing some legislation to help the disabled which I applaud but then you have a judge(Gilbert Abramson) in the same party who doesn't seem to know how to handle cases with disabilities(see Julia BB) going for re-election.

I'm hoping the GOP supports a better candidate. I think if they don't the voters will. Here is a link to a local group that influenced another election.
(See the article on the NY election.)

I'll post updates here on news as I hear about it.

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2010-03-19 09:03:55 by Jack Frost

"One excellent way to bring attention to our issues is to become involved in judicial reelection campaigns. In 2008 four family law judges in West Virginia lost their reelection bids largely due to the efforts of shared parenting activists who brought significant public attention to these judge’s anti-family and anti-father rulings. " from message sent out from ACFC.
American Coalition for Fathers and Children: Email - Updates of Interest
Feelings of helplessness can overwhelm parents separated from their children by divorce and distance. And, indeed, while the progress toward universal availability of shared parenting is steady, it’s undeniably slow. ...
2010-04-17 10:00:10 by Jack Frost

Last night I was told that "HOPE AND JUSTICE" paid a visit to Saratoga County. The Saratoga GOP is not endorsing Gilbert Abramson for re-election.

*** I am filled with deep emotion that could only be described as patriotic. ***

Thank You GOP for listening.
2010-04-19 09:48:25 by Jack Frost

Why is the Saratoga GOP endorsing Erika Reibel and not the incumbent judge Gilbert Abamson?

Here is an update:

I thought of some campaign slogans:

Lets free Willie (Willie-Wonka)!
Something smells fishy with Gilbert.
Give Julia justice by giving Abe(Abramson) the boot.
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