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In the "best interest of the child"
Blog owned by Jack Frost

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2010-04-22 09:01:53 by Jack Frost

You want to do what's in the "best interest of the child"? That sounds great politically who wouldn't love this.

It hasn't really worked. It's old style thinking. It's created a broken system producing broken moms, dads and kids. The best interest of the child is to have BOTH parents involved in their lives.

We need to revisit family law. We will have "Julia BB" tragedies or "NO HOPE" labels being put on kids when one or both parents are cast aside.  Kids deserve to have input from both parents. I know my son and my daughter deserve this.

I implore Senator Roy McDonald and Assemblyman Tony Jordan to revisit family law, break the cycle, pull back the veil of secrecy that hides the shame that lurks in family court. You can make it better.

When one parent is cast aside, it makes it easier to cast aside the other as well. Just ask Julia BB's parents and grandparents.

There are 2 comments to this posting:
2010-05-31 23:01:40 by Puri Shea

GOT IT RIGHT ON YOUR STATEMENT.  My children had taken away by FCS, the judge of Fam Law Division who has connection of my exhusband's atty and may have bought the judge. I filed complaints against this judge to FL Div Sup Judge in SJ, Cal and that efforts by the help of my new husband has helped me filing THE judge who corrupted my case is no longer in my case and no longer in Fam Law Div, AFTER he has damaged my relationship to my four children as of 10/16/08 to date, child support stopped so I just lost my home and homeless right now BECAUSE OF ONE INDIVIDUAL who were bias, unobjective, violated FC Rules and Protocols, Constitution, Judicial Canons 6, and Bus & Professional Code of Ethics and other Govt Code and Rules.

As being stayed home mom for 16 yrs to care my four children and ex, I have no income, WHILE my ex has advanced his career and improved his/our company, EXhusband ALSO improved his LIFE to replaced his wife to one of his 3 mistresses, remarried one early 2009 w/ a 14 yr old lovechild daughter.  With all his ALIBI to travel in Japan, and worldwide he HID over a million dollar of community property assets and funds.  

With the help of my new hubby we file soon to appropriate Federal authority for RICO, Fraud, Perjury, harassment, character assasination and embezzlement by my exhusband.  

It is not all about the money BUT my children who involved of this situation because of their bad dad, egocentric and highly sexual disfunctional.  I WAS THE ONE WHO REQUESTED Psych Eval and Sup Vis because of his abusive to my children and me.
Of all my statements and declarations to the Fam Court TRUTHFULLY and YET the judge just took ex's side and vicious atty their FALSE allegations from 1/2008 TO date.  

Per recommendation of the good FC Sup Judge of SJ, Cal S. Bernardini she recommended that i file to the Court of Appeal of w/c I did and waiting the result to OVERTURN the bad judge's ORDERS:
1. To give my custody back, 2. to pay back my atty's fees because I have zero income and ex has income of nearly $200,000. HOW STUPID THAT IS awarding attorney fees, child support to be paid by me?  WHAT A CORRUPT JUDGE KEVIN MCKEENEY OF SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA.
2012-02-03 01:39:47 by michelle baca

I think it sucks that they can do what they want with our kids. So many people llike my family do know what kind of help and support they can get until after there kids are gone.     Its really sad that these people who are supposedly protecting the kids are really protecting there pocket book..
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