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Caught in the CrossHairs!
Blog owned by Janet Petty

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2012-06-19 02:44:27 by Janet Petty

Have you recently been under the scrutiny of a California DCFS Office? If you have then you fully comprehend the title of this particular blog? If you have been unfortunate enough to have to deal with this state department within Los Angeles County, Then you know how totally unfair and unprofessional they are.  I recently was on the Los Angeles County DCFS website and I have to repost something I saw there.
DCFS Mission Statement

The Department of Children and Family Services,
with public, private and community partners, provides quality child welfare services and supports so children grow up safe, healthy, educated and with permanent families.

I don't believe that they even understand what this mission statement says. The last statement lets you know that the department is bias. It (Los Angeles County DCFS) obviously believes it must move children to better homes.  The implication is to grow up safe, healthy, educated with welfare services and support in the home of the biological parent(s) is not possible.
I believe this mission statement implies that it's the departments job to remove children from biological parents and place the children in safe situations (strangers).  
I am fully aware that child abuse does exist. I would not want to see any child abused and that's why I have to say something about how DCFS handles the job they are actually supposed to be doing.  
What I don't understand is why fixing the families of these children and making a stronger family unit is not a priority?  
I mean where in the mission statement is there anything about strengthening families and communities? I wonder how many children are damaged each year in Los Angeles county by being ripped from their families?  How many adults are damaged and sent into depression by having their children snatched from them? Is it just me or does DCFS act as an abuser at times?
I'm definitely not saying that I believe there are not incidents of true neglect and abuse, however, in Los Angeles County that's not always the case.

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2013-05-04 19:26:40 by Mago A

I am a school employee, year after year we children who are abused and neglicted.  When DCFS is called - they go out to the home and we are told "We can't do anything because it's not a crime that they are poor".  WHAT!!!  I grew up poor (althought I didn't know it at the time), but my parents always made sure we were showered, our teeth were brushed along with our hair, our clothes were clean (even though they were 2nd hand) and they were home every evening making dinner.

I have found myself in the DCFS nightmare within my own family.  We are hard working, keep a clean and loving home, making sure that our children are enrolled in extra curricular activities and yes, we do discipline by spanking.  My children were removed from our home because my husband disciplined one of our sons and because I "FAILED to protect".  

The case worker was one of the worst, uncaring, uncompassionate, rude people I have ever met.  She would not listen to what I had to say and made up her mind about our family even before she met us.  She put me in an abyss of depression, desperation.

Luckily I got my children back, but we had to move out of our home and to my mother's.  My husband stayed in the family home with monitored visits.  Oh and I can't monitor those visits so my husband has to see the boys with someone else watching them.

This case worker was upset at the fact that I had gotten my children back and was rude with my mother.  Immediately we contacted the children's attorney, my attorney and her supervisor.  

"Kids First"!!!  I guess not - unless the case worker agrees to that.  Never in my life have I been treated like a low life common criminal.  In her words as well as the attorney for DCFS "she doesn't care about her kids and will always put her husband's best interest in front of them".  

SCREW you!!! I will abide by the court ruling, but I will fight back because I am not the uncaring mother that they have portraid me to be.
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