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Name: Deborah L. Davies





Profile updated: 2010-04-13
Last online: 2010-04-13

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Description Section
Describe how the system affected your family and why you are interested in reform: :

My daughter came Back to New York in 2007 to visit and get court documents after most family members moved to Wisconsin in 2004. CPS removed her children, one not having been in this state but in Mississippi with father under family supervision. After horrendous illegal actions, CPS intercepted the child in Chicago on his way home to me whom had had physical custody for over the six month PKPA definition of primary caregiver. My grandchildren are going up for adoption. I have no visitation rights even though I filed in court December of 2008. No pro-se petitions are heard so that we may appeal jurisdictional issues and the appointed attorneys block any evidence going into the Judge.
Through this, I have intensely researched everything possible and continue to do so. I am now an online advocate and have my first case local.

Education, work background, and hobbies: :

Bachelors in Social Work (NO I never worked for system only as a mediator)
Right now I breath eat and sleep family law and court rules. Otherwise I love to read, garden and be with my grandchildren. I am disabled.

Reforms groups and web sites: .: is my website
I belong to wow so many, UCCR, Equal Parenting, As a Mom, grandparents for children, many more.

My areas of focus for reform: :

For New York specifically, first on my list is the fact that Appellate Court does not expedite family court appeals. Second, Laws are Laws and even the Judges need to follow them. Third, Attorneys appointed by court need a)specific training including the constitution b) equal pay to the DSS attorney especially when the goal changes to free for adoption. fourth, Law applies to DSS too. I am praying through a lawsuit, I can start a parenting center in Ulster County ran by and for parents. This whole County is so financially connected to DSS it is pathetic to see Dr.'s, psychologists and therapists bend to their every whim right along with both Judges. Parents do not have any chance in this county because of it. Three years in foster care is the norm even if you are innocent and every one fights for your children to go home. Lawyers do not appeal nor fight. But I have to be honest here. I do not blame the attorneys solely because they get shot down every time they speak up. It is a slow process that I see almost brainwashing into compliance as done with the parents... Learned Helplessness is exactly what happens.

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